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My Lead Gen Secret – My Honest Insider Review

Hi, I’m Anna.

When I first stumbled upon My Lead Gen Secret there were not many reviews out at the time (they had just launched) so I paid in full so I could see what the service is like and what it really is. Currently, My Lead Gen Secret does not offer a free trial. The fee is $1/day, paid for 30 days upfront plus a $30 setup fee. There’s no catch or contract – so you can decide if it’s right for you without risking a bunch of your hard earned money.

What is My Lead Gen Secret?

My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) is a lead service and training center. Founded by Jim Harmon, My Lead Gen Secret has quickly become the most reputable and highest-rated advertising method for affiliate marketers trying to learn the ropes of online business and digital marketing.

Whenever I talk to someone about My Lead Gen Secret – I always start by saying its not just some money making scheme, or pyramid scam. So what is My Lead Gen Secret? My Lead Gen Secret is first of all a lead service. If you think you will start making money by simply joining MLGS – I would suggest you walk away, it’s not how this works. You have to WORK the leads they give you. This means writing emails to them and sending these emails from within the members area. My Lead Gen secret does not sell hype or false promises, it doesn’t promise to make you rich overnight and it sure doesn’t promise you a shortcut to overnight millions. However, My Lead Gen Secret does give you 100 of the best converting business opportunity leads I have personally converted sales with. If you are willing to work these leads – then keep reading.

My Lead Gen Secret Pros vs. Cons


  • 100 high-converting business opportunity leads (every single day)
  • Can-Spam compliant mailing platform (free)
  • Clear Plan of Action
  • All levels of training – Beginner and Advanced
  • Video training, Step-by-step Tutorials and Courses
  • 100’s of community members
  • Live & Interactive Help from Jim Harmon and expert members
  • A strict spam free environment.
  • No up-sells, ever.
  • $1/day Membership.  Yes, only $1/day plus a one time setup fee of $30!


  • The leads need to be mailed by YOU. You don’t just join and make money. It does require you compose emails to them.
  • The mailing platform in the members area has less features that popular mailing platforms like Aweber and Mailchimp.
  • The service is not free. The charge is minimal and well worth the cost, but this is not free advertising.

Is My Lead Gen Secret for You?

I must admit that MLGS is not a perfect choise for everyone. My Lead Gen Secret gives you business opportunity leads and trains you how to best convert them, but you MUST have an offer or opportunity to promote to them. This means you must have your own website or an affiliate website to promote. If you aren’t involved with an opportunity you can always join Clickbank and promote one of their hoplinks until you join a different opportunity or offer and have a different link to promote. If you aren’t willing to lean and take action with the leads, then making money online isn’t for you. So who can really benefit from this program?

  • A person who wants to make an extra income to supplement their salary.
  • Stay at home moms and dads who have some free time and are willing to spend it in front of the computer.
  • Students who want to make money to help them pay for their tuition, some college students built 6-figure businesses from their dorm, using My Lead Gen Secret.
    Business owners who want to get more visibility online.
  • Retired folks who have free time and want to supplement their pension.
  • People who are fed up of 9-to-5 and want to start their own business. Many My Lead Gen Secret members have been able to quit their “day job” to do online marketing full time (I fall into this category)

As you can see, My Lead Gen Secret is a great choice for anyone who is wanting to earn extra money, however you must understand that you have to invest your time and effort to work these leads. This program will teach you email writing skills to increase your CTR and conversions for any business, online or offline offer, but it requires an investment of time, effort and a small amount of money. The big difference between starting an online business instead of a traditional brick and mortal business is that you do not need a start-up capital to get started online. The benefit of using My Lead Gen Secret leads is that you don’t have to buy them yourself, which would cost you $10-$100 per lead. You only need $1/day to use My Lead Gen Secret, which ANY marketer can afford. The fee includes 3000 leads per month, a can-spam mailing platform and a variety of email marketing training videos. You also get all the presonal support you need to succeed.

Update: My Lead Gen Secret is now just $1 to join! (Join now)

The program has 1 membership level – Just $1/day for 100 business opportunity leads per day. This is really awesome because you can join without spending a huge amount of money, look around, get help from the team writing your email ads, make money from promoting your offers to the leads, and if you like it, remain a member for as long as you like! You can join, access the members area, and get access to all the benefits and build a substantial online business using the $1/day plan, no strings attached! This alone makes My Lead Gen Secret better than any other advertising service out there! There is no contact, no risk of losing alot of money to something that may not work!

What you get with your $1 starter membership:

  • Instant access to over 100 biz opp leads every day
  • access to the mailing platform to contact any and all of your leads
  • Live support from the owner and support staff
  • training videos on how to write high converting ads.
  • much more

Claim Your $1 Membership Now!

The most valuable benefits of My Lead Gen Secret (in my opinion) are the step-by-step approach to converting the leads into sales, from Jim Harmon and many expert members. Most other advertising programs are lacking the support and the clear action plan. I have tested dozens of different programs over the past 7 years and nothing comes close to the quality of My Lead Gen Secret.

How much does My Lead Gen Secret cost?

There is only 1 membership level within My Lead Gen Secret. The fee is only $1/day, paid 30 days upfront plus a $30 setup fee. Ther are no other hidden fees or costs involved with the service.

My Lead Gen Secret Live Video Classes

This part of My Lead Gen Secret has become one of my favorite. Every single week MLGS offers a live video class where you can learn something very specific about converting the leads in your account, into sales in your programs. During this video class you also get access to live chat where you can ask questions and communicate with other members.

These live classes touch on different subjects that are relevant and important today. One of the reasons I am still a member of My Lead Gen Secret is because I am able to keep on learning new email conversion tecniques to go along with the leads I am getting. Members of My Lead Gen Secret do NOT get left behind 🙂

Overall My Lead Gen Secret ranks at a very respectable 98%! Most paid programs can’t offer that but here you can get it without spending a dime.


I Am Living Proof My Lead Gen Secret Works

So you’re probably wondering how much I am making with my My Lead Gen Secret leads. To be honest, I earn MANY times my monthly membership fee back. This month I have earned over $1200 in sales from my leads, up from $850 last month. I am basically earning more and more each month I continue to use the service. The leads keep growing by 100 per day, so over time I have niced my income grow with the leads, which only makes sense!

I highly recommend Jim Harmon’s My Lead Gen Secret. The support is great. The training is great and the leads make me money. What more could you ask for?

See You Inside My Lead Gen Secret!

As I am finishing up this My Lead Gen Secret Review I realize this is the longest review I have written for anything or anyone – I guess I truly am very excited about MLGS 🙂 At this point I would like to invite you to check out My Lead Gen Secret for yourself – it is only $1/month so you have nothing to lose! Once you’re inside, don’t forget to pass by my MLGS profile and say hi. Still have questions? Please use the comment form below. I’d love to hear from you!