Is Organic Prospects Really Worth it? Does It Really Work – 2015 Review

Update 7/04/15:  This was initially an unbiased review of what I have found, I have since updated it below with my additional findings.

So, Does Organic Prospects Work, Or Is It A Scam?

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Before starting this review I did a lot of searching and didn’t see any examples of any substantial complaints that seemed substantiated. For the savvy person on the internet, it can be pretty easy to spot the scams, but in this day and age they have become harder to spot; plenty of companies put on a great face for incoming customers, then they flip the script once you sign up. The point is, there are so many get rich quick schemes and marketing tools that seem too good to be true.

When I see most of these new (or in this case, newly popular) companies popping up, my scam radar is usually in full force. Ultimately, I find that about 75% of these new marketing companies that pop up are ultimately scams—or just wildly unsuccessful for their customers. However,Organic Prospects didn’t set any red flags off to me; not with their concept, their promises to customers, or their history.

Keep reading to see how I came to my conclusion!

Organic Prospects Rating:
Owners: Greg Stinton and Aaron Warner
Founded: 2003
Sign Up Fee: $30
Monthly Fee: $29.95
Customer Support: 5/5
Member Resources: 5/5
Quality of Prospects: 5/5
Overall Value: 5/5
Ease of Getting Started: 5/5
Safety and Encryption:  5/5
Overall Scam Assessment: Not a scam


How It Works

Organic Prospects has a business model that I could easily understand. Their mission isn’t completely convoluted by evasive marketing language or the “shiny ball” technique that makes you ignore the fact that you don’t know what a company does because you’re so distracted by a loud website and big promises. Organic Prospects is in the business of delivering quality prospects to their customers each and every day. Business prospects that will find the products or services of your home business attractive.

Organic Prospects utilizes a four step system in which they collect prospects for their customers.

Step 1: Acquire – They search the most popular social media sites for quality prospects who are highly engaged and the best possible candidates for their clients.

Step 2: Grade – They use a proprietary grading system that gauges interest level of prospects from 0 to 100.

Step 3: Filter – They rank all of the prospects in order of assigned percentage received in the last step and  sort out all of the prospects graded below75.

Step 4: Distribute – Every Organic Prospects client receives a list of 70 high ranking prospects each day that they can view, download, and  contact.

The next steps are up to you; you can contact your prospects through the Organic Prospects mailer tool, on your own, or through a different third party mailer system if you choose. That means there are still some other things to consider.

  • What are you going to send to your prospects?
  • What will you say?
  • Will you include tracking links or special offers exclusive to these prospects?
  • At what frequency will you contact your prospects?
  • Will you keep all of these prospects on your mailing list, or just some?
  • Will you use an introduction email on all of your new prospects and send additional offers later?
  • Is your website prepared for more new visitors?

And of course, after making these considerations, you’ll want to give yourself the time to generate these messages and to determine how you want to manage these mailings. You’ll need to make sure your website or store is looking good, since you’ll likely be directing your prospects to visit.

Ultimately, you need to make sure you already have a healthy business with a functional and attractive website, as well as some well-written content to send your prospects. This is by no means the first step in creating your business.

If you want to attract people to your business, its not just about finding the right people, but BEING the right business. If you want to join, and you haven’t considered any of that, you might be wasting your time (although you can download those prospects for a later date). To me, this is the first sign that Organic Prospects is a concept that you can trust; they aren’t just going to deliver a high-functioning business to you. There are other services out there that can, but they don’t promise to be full-service; this isn’t your only measure for success.

I’ve heard of other companies that do something similar, but I’ve found some major differences between Organic Prospects and the other companies…

What Makes Organic Prospects Different

Other companies run marketing businesses with  a similar model: you pay us, we give you prospects. The trouble with that is that they aren’t as selective, exclusive, or innovative. Allow me to explain.

Organic Prospects promises exclusivity. This means you are receiving prospects that nobody else signed up for their service is getting. When you sign up and give them your $30 setup fee, this is where they custom fit the prospects to your business type and your audience. This is where they help implement a unique client profile for you that ensures that not only are you getting prospects that nobody else receives, but also that they are really well suited to your needs.

This company is the only one using their innovative process and uses those four steps to be really picky on your behalf. They have created tools that help them to choose the best prospects, including a method that helps them rate your potential prospects from 0-100 in genuine interest and overall quality.

This is a step a lot of companies skip. After all, isn’t just collecting prospects that might be sort of interested enough? Organic Prospects doesn’t agree with that. While other companies might promise hundreds of prospects a day, they aren’t as strict with which ones make it to the distribution stage. Thanks to Organic Prospects proprietary tools, they are able to add two steps that many companies skip; grading and filtering. With other programs, you’re more than likely paying for a two step process; acquire and distribute. In my experience, that isn’t enough.

And lastly, Organic Prospects is incredibly selective. They send you 70 prospects daily because they’ve really gone through and made sure those are the best prospects that they can offer. This isn’t a company that is willing to drop their standards and send you hundreds of prospects that haven’t been properly selected. They want to give their customers at least 80% US prospects (with the remaining 20% or fewer living in Canada, the UK, and Australia) which is something many other companies don’t do.  Because they have innovative and powerful technology, Organic Prospects gets to be more selective than others in the market.

Other Benefits of Joining

  • Access to the Organic Mailer and all of the analytic tools that come with it
  • Easy access to customer support – opening a ticket and getting a personalized response is easy. You can easily check the status of a ticket.
  • A catalog of FAQs and knowledge base section
  • Simple membership tools to change your account type

My Conclusion

From the member feedback I’ve read and seen videos on, I can conclude that Organic Prospects is legitimate and is delivering on what they promise.  I’ve read no reports of billing issues, extra charges, or cancellation issues. Their billing portal is secure and encrypted, so no red flags there for overall safety. From all of the information I’ve collected, I’ve deemed this company to be safe and free of scams or danger to consumers.


I have decided to join Organic Prospects as of 4/29/15 and now that I am 60 days into my membership, I wanted to share an update.

So far, the conclusion I reached earlier has been accurate. I have seen great results from the high quality prospects I have been receiving daily and have seen huge improvements in the responses to my mailings. I’ve seen many new customers, new subscribers, and an increasing number of hits to my website.

I can safely say that Organic Prospects is effective, worth the money, and delivering every bit of what they say that they will. Member resources are even better than expected, and my 5/5 rating in all areas remains.

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2 thoughts on “Is Organic Prospects Really Worth it? Does It Really Work – 2015 Review”

  1. Anna,

    Thank you for showing me a real way to get legit converting prospects. I just signed up 2 weeks ago and I’m already seeing pretty steady sales! You will be quite pleased if you join Organic Prospects and mail the leads on a regular basis. I have very little experience in marketing and was able to make this work for me and turn a profit so you should be able to as well. Organic Prospects support with every question I had until I had it down pat.

    I have your website to thank for this new way to earn real cash online, and I look forward to earning real money from now on.

    I will tell everyone about your website and Organic Prospects Even before this I read great reviews on it and couldn’t decided to sign up. Thanks again for the extra push and filling me on Everything Organic Prospects has to offer.

    Joseph Wilson


    1. Howdy there Joseph,

      Thank you for the vote of confidence from you regarding my Organic Prospects review. I have tried to include all of the things that I wanted to know when I was deciding whether or not Organic Prospects was a good fit for me.

      To date it has been the best decision that I have ever made and thanks to the high quality of these prospects, and the help of other Organic Prospects members I have been able to take a dream and turn it into a reality.

      As I am sure you too will come to that same conclusion.

      Just keep after it and working on your email copy, asking questions when needed in the Organic Prospects Forum, and most of all stay motivated because as you are aware this is not a fly by night lead provider and nor will you obtain mountains of wealth overnight but you will get there.

      That I can Promise!

      So thanks again Joseph and as always if you ever need any help along your journey to financial freedom feel free to ask. I will be glad to help.


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